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Looking In/Out

For Saxophone Duo (soprano and bari)

duration: 7' total 

This duo for Soprano and Baritone Saxophone was commissioned as part of a consortium lead by the Invictus Duo. The two movements are in a slow-fast fashion, where the slow movement is very approachable and the fast movement is blazingly quick.

The movements are 3' and 4' long, respectively.

Thank you to the consortium members for supporting this work!

*Invictus Duo - Philip Kleutgens and Brian Kachur

Latitude - Leo Schlaifer and Matthew Dardick

Christian Cunningham and Gregory Thompson

Silver Lining Duo - Emily Loboda Kristen Zelenak

Onyx Duo - Peter Koury and Trek Boyland

Coalescence Duo - Christopher Mantell and Ryan Mantell

Steve Carmichael and Eric Bradley

h2/4 Duo - Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathon Nichol

Lindsey Welp and Hayley Plauger

Regulus Duo - Ethan Dilley and Joshua Tuttle

Jucie - Justin McDonald and Gracie Vetter

Zachary Costello and Jacob Peery

Alexander Kelsey and Alex Dietz

MF2 - Matthew Fox and Matthew Floeter

NisDuo - Patrick Slattery and Noah Brisson

Chen Wang and Allan Levy

Kyle Kelley and Timothy Coene

Mathew Harget and Abbey Hansell-Baumgarten

Binary - Dr. Wade Howles and Dr. Bob Fuson

Aviation Duo - Nicholas Napier and Keith So

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